[EF#2] My Wildest Dream

Start from today, I’ll be participating in BEC weekly challenge named English Friday. I don’t know whether I can keep up with it till the very end of the project but, at least, right now I’m motivated.

It’s been quite a while that I no longer be an active English-speaker. My English proficiency is getting terrible each day due to the fact that I’m living in a place where English is not their native language. I know it is not something to brag about, but if I can describe my language proficiency is as this; my English becomes poor, my Bahasa Indonesia goes nowhere, and my Nederland is still crawling 😉

Being able to join BEC is like pinching my brain to dare thinking (or even dreaming??) in English again… ^____^

Note: If you like to join too, you can visit the blog of Ryan, or Nita for further information.


I’ve been dreaming a good dream since I understood the beauty of daydreaming… And those dreams kept changing along the way, from the dream of me trying to fit into the society and its demand, to the dream of me trying to bring the society to fit into my box of mind.

However though, as the time goes by, if I can have the wildest dream I ever dreamed of, it would be to have power to turn back time to the year of ’80s, and let the world live just in that years only… For me personally, those years were the years of happiness and enjoyment. I think I don’t need to elaborate more on personal stuff, but if I remember correctly, those were days when we, Indonesian, were very full-spirited. We were very motivated at work and school, we loved listening to simple songs with deep and meaningful lyrics (not just some random tunes sang by group of flower boys to shake our booties and treat our eyes!!), we entertained ourselves with some anthology series like Losmen Bu Broto or ACI Aku Cinta Indonesia (and not some long-complicated-neverending-love sinetron), we enjoyed talking to people and not just fixing our eyes to mobile phone, and, more importantly, we respected people and carefully watched what came out of our mouth.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the progression and development this era has brought us so far. However, one thing I regret the most is that nowadays respect and tolerance among people seem to be an impossible exercise. By hiding behind the flag of freedom, we proudly and openly trash whatever (and whoever) that we don’t like…., thanks to the existence of social media!

Carl Sandburg said that nothing happens unless first we dream. So if you agree with me, let’s dream the same dream. Who knows, it may later become true…. 😉

A good life starts from a good dream… Let’s keep on dreaming !!! ^____*




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  1. Ryan says:

    Missing the good old days? Where everyone still talking to each other instead of their phone. I wrote about this also on my Social Media post.

    Ooo i miss Losmen, ACI, Keluarga Cemara. And the kids song is still original about kids. Not like nowadays. Love already in it.

    1. Yes Ryan… I keep training myself to embrace the present, but still can’t restrain my mind to long for those good old days… ^_____^

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