[Weekly Photo Challenge] Serenity

Following the recent pact I made to join English challenge, I decided to join another game named the Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by WordPress.

I’m not a landscape photographer, let alone a pro one, but I would like to see myself expanding from merely an amateur photographer to a lifestyle photographer with good basics.

I challenge myself to do this challenge, because I need some projects to keep me practicing all the knowledge I gathered from the course I’ve been following. It may not be a consistent act every week due to my busy schedule as a proud mom of two, but I, at least, have the determination in my heart to do this….

Below is my interpretation picture of Serenity. This is actually a photo from my old stack (I took it last November at the end of Fall), but I’m posting it anyway, as my first little step to bring myself officially into the game.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ryan says:

    Beautifully written and captured the moment. I really love the picture.

    1. Awwhh… your comment is such a spirit-booster… Thanks, Ryan ^____^

  2. bebyrischka says:

    Wow.. Fotonya keren banget.. 😀

    1. Makasih apresiasinya, bebyrischka ^_____^

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