[EF#3] How Gadget Affects my Life

I was caught in a long deep pensive mode (pardon my exaggerating language hehe), when I read the EF theme for this week: How Gadget Affects Our Life. I really have no idea where to begin. It’s difficult not because I can not think of any moments where I use my gadget, but it’s difficult because I can’t think of moments where I DON’T use gadget… It’s embarrassing really, that I stick my eyes to my gadget more often than to my bible… ^____^

I’m a big user of gadget as most of us certainly are… What’s not to like about it? One single device that is jam packed with information, entertainment, and all creative things… That single fighter can do almost everything; from a serious work, a lousy virtual adventure, to journaling daily memories, both selfie and welfie 😉

As a modern mom myself, using gadget for me is like smearing drops of hyaluronic acid serum on my hyper dry skin; it’s a MUST !! ^___*

I did not expect to be sucked into the black hole of squeeing every time I hold my gadget. But that is exactly what it has turned me into: a gadget freak!! It gave me such a guilty pleasure that I won’t mind to be trapped into… Imagine this…, when I cook, this thing is my coach. When I work, this thing is like my tutor. Sometimes I feel like it controls me more so than I control it… Came to think about it, if this thing is a person, I’ve got him under my skin ^___^

Say, I’m addicted?? Yes!!

Do I want to keep being like this?? No!!

That’s why I do some ‘radical’ changes in my daily lifestyle to combat this type of addiction;

I try hard not to touch any gadgets when I’m together with my family. It’s a pact I genuinely made with my hubby. Further, I removed some of socmed apps that, I think, are disturbing my daily productivity in some ways. As if this is not enough, I’m now praying really hard that I will finally have no mercy on other significant apps (how can I have a heart to remove Netflix and Viki?? O God help!!). Also, I’m learning to discipline myself not to bring along my gadget when I went to bed so I don’t have reason whatsoever to keep myself awake every night and later blaming on the innocent spirit of ‘insomnia’ (I bet you also have those moments where you fell asleep with gadget still clutched in your hand, right?? Haha!!..)

Regarding my kiddos, I don’t want to appear as a selfish mom. So I let them play with gadget but only for one –or two, max!!– hour(s) per day, not more than that. I’m very resolute and unswerving on this one. So far I’m succeeding in keeping my discipline in check, with the hope that it’ll continue like this in the future….

If you have suggestion on how to overcome this ‘lust’ toward gadget, spill it…. It’s always nice to have ideas being tossed around… ^____^

‘Till then…

A gadget freak,



Pictures courtesy of Google images.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I, myself is still trying to reduce it. But I think what you have done so far is good. Removing those applications. Now, I limit myself to open Path. 😀 Only once in morning, before work and at night, after work. That’s all. Path is one of my biggest sins. 😀

    1. Ryan says:

      And I found another vocab from your post. Thank you so much

      1. Ahh very nice to know that… I hope it’s not the word ‘welfie’ hahhahahaaa…. ^____^

      2. Ryan says:

        No… not that. 😀

    2. Ah yaaa…. There’s nothing wrong to have one ‘sin’… We are human after all hahaha… ^___^ I too, was a heavy-user of Path until recently my attention has been shifted to Instagram for a photography reason hehe…

      1. Ryan says:

        oooo now you are IG-ers??? May I follow your IG?

      2. Yes sure…. Do please add my IG: patriciawaluyan 🙂

      3. Ryan says:

        Okay… will do. Thanks

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