[Weekly Photo Challenge] Scale

Everyone has their own unique interpretation of Scale; measurement, size, weight, big, small, tall, short, grade, range, musical notes, even dry skin, you name it all… Those interpretations generate such impressive creativity that is quite interesting to enjoy.

I don’t have much time and energy to go out and do some photo hunting. So after several days spent to ponder, I chose to utilize anything I have at home. You may not agree with me on this, but I must tell you that this, my friends, is the best interpretation of scale a SAHM can think of, besides utilizing a kitchen scale hahahaa…. ^_____^



9 Comments Add yours

  1. Ryan says:

    You nailed it! Love the picture. Simple yet scale-told picture.

    1. A Minion thanks Ryan, for your sweet comment ^____^

  2. And your size? Neither both them, right?😀

    1. Mine is somewhere in the middle, a little to the left hahaha…. 😉

  3. bebyrischka says:

    Seperti biasa.. Fotonya.. Mengalihkan dunia ku.. Huahahah 😀

    1. …Komenmu pun mengguncang duniaku #eeaaaaaa 😉

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