Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is like my most used composition in every picture I made (and will be making). That being said, it made me difficult to choose just one picture that, I think, is a good representation to answer this week’s challenge.

Personally, I’m so drawn into this type of composition. It makes my picture looks attractive and dynamic every time I applied it.  I can say that so far and by far, it is my favorite compo in photography.

There are so many ways to compose a picture using this rule. As for me, instead of trying to figure out where to put my subject in the thirds area of a picture, I like to think it simple; when my center of interest is not in the dead center, that’s my rule of thirds. In other words, when my subject doesn’t fill the entire frame, that’s my rule of thirds.

So I focus, recompose my subject, and snap!… Voilaaa……

These are several pictures that apply the rule of thirds, grabbed from my very very very old stack. It was taken with my late Canon 550D and (some of them) were edited by the retired online editing website named Picnick.







This is posted in response to Weekly Photo Challenge Rule of Third

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Ryan says:

    Rule of third memang standar yang bagus utk dipakai buat foto.
    Tp itu foto non rule bagus2. Paling suka si denbo n yang cemberut di pinggir itu.

    1. Thanks Ryan…. But btw, as far as my understanding goes, there’s none of the pictures above that doesn’t apply the rule…. Maybe you have other opinion?? 😀

      1. Ryan says:

        Actually the challenge is to show picture that not use the rule right? So you shown the right one.

      2. Well if that’s the case, then I have just interpreted the challenge wrongly… I thought they asked us to provide a picture using that rule haha… I think my mind was out of focus wkwkwk

      3. Ryan says:

        Hahaha. I was interpreted wrongly

      4. Let’s agree that both of us are wrong hahahaa *biar adil* wkwkwkk

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