[wpc] It’s all about Symmetry

When one mentioned the word symmetry, my mind directly goes to La Alhambra, a castle proud by the Moors, that is perched majestically on the top of the hill in Granada. Mosaics displayed in that castle contain symmetrical shapes and patterns that fascinate thousands of visitors every year.

[Weekly Photo Challenge] Scale

Everyone has their own unique interpretation of Scale; measurement, size, weight, big, small, tall, short, grade, range, musical notes, even dry skin, you name it all… Those interpretations generate such impressive creativity that is quite interesting to enjoy.

[Weekly Photo Challenge] Depth

“There’s nothing more comforting than holding on to the warmth of father’s embrace and feeling the DEPTH of his love….”

[Weekly Photo Challenge] Serenity

Following the recent pact I made to join English challenge, I decided to join another game named the Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by WordPress. I’m not a landscape photographer, let alone a pro one, but I would like to see myself expanding from merely an amateur photographer to a lifestyle photographer with good basics. I challenge…